The Art of Rock 'n' Roll Conversation

The Art of Rock ‘n’ Roll Conversation is the latest (8th) title in internationally best-selling The Art of Conversation® (TAOC®) series. Who better to create it than Keith Lamb? He’s a true legend of Rock, fronting bands since the age of 10 (including iconic glam-rock band Hush), writing top 10 hits and having 14 Gold records and countless national tours to his name. From an original concept he developed during a time of personal loss, illness and ultimately readjustment after life in the Rock bubble burst, Lamb credits TAOC with restoring his ability to communicate again and reconnect him with others, and himself.

With co-author Louise Howland (Masters of Life Writing, psychiatric nurse & tour-nanny to the stars), Keith explores and introduces with knowledge and gentle good-humour, 300+ riveting and wide-ranging Rock ‘n’ Roll-themed adventures conversations, plus a Guide to Rock ‘n’ Roll Conversations with fascinating endnotes from the frontline.

The Art of Rock ’n’ Roll Conversation is a musical magical mystery tour(1) both entertaining and educational. It’s never a quiz, nor about who knows most, but rather a way to put down the screens and come together with friends of all ages and musical tastes to explore love for, experiences of, and ideas about the music that makes the world go round.

Rap about riffs, raves and riders, fusion genres and fashions, first gigs, last gigs, producers & pilgrimages, back stage to buskers, roadies & groupies, solos & styles, quotes and wisdoms, tickets and tours… Cross musical generation gaps and other ravines. Delve into the archive of music memories & futures as you share great times and get to know more about each other, yourself and the music.