The Art of Christian Conversation

The Art of Christian Conversation is an innovative and inspiring way for Christians, (and those exploring) to get to know themselves - and God - better. Carefully researched, tested, trialled and refined, TAOC® Christian offers new angles and avenues to think about, and discuss, Christian faith and life.

Louise Howland and Keith Lamb, authors of the original best-selling titles, TAOC® The Art of Conversation, have collaborated for this special edition with Ross and Suzette Bowerman to produce this special edition. Ross is a trained psychologist and teacher, Head of Biblical Studies and Head of Science at Belmont Christian College in Newcastle, Australia, while Suzette is qualified in Early Childhood Education.

Numerous trials, tests and developments with a diverse group show that TAOC® successfully helps people of all ages discover aspects of their faith, and share knowledge and understanding in ways that educate, entertain and enlighten.

With 300 Christian Communication-builders ranging from the profound to the light-hearted, plus a comprehensive Christian Communication Guidebook, TAOC® makes it easy to share and discuss feelings, ideas and experiences related to faith and religious living in a harmonious way.

Like all TAOC® editions, it’s not a quiz – and whilst there are myriad of opportunities to learn, it’s never about who knows the most. Rather, it’s a communication tool that draws on personal experiences, thoughts and reactions to facilitate fascinating discussions and new insights. It also encourages clear communication and respectful listening.

TAOC® is a handy icebreaker when a new group of people come together and helps people who already know each other take their relationships to new levels. Ideal for small groups, bible study, fellowship, education and the home, TAOC® can be played by family, friends, workmates, students or even solitary players. TAOC® is suitable for players aged from four to 104.

About our co-authors

Ross and Suzette Bowerman have been married since 1993 and have three children. Ross is a qualified psychologist and teacher. He has also studied theology and is now Head of Biblical Studies and Head of Science at Belmont Christian College in Newcastle, Australia.

Suzette is trained in Early Childhood Education.

Ross and Suzette are committed Christians and are both leaders and participants in their church community. Throughout their twenty-five years of leading, learning and involvement with small groups and bible studies - for children, youth and adults - they have constantly sought better resources with which to help Christians grow. So to be involved with the development of this very special TAOC® title has provided them with a resource that they are finding most effective and exciting. “TAOC is the resource we have been seeking for many years”, says Ross.

Both have a strong belief in the value of honest Christian conversation and can point to conversations with Christian friends that have changed each of their lives. Ross and Suzette found their collaboration with TAOC provided an excellent opportunity to gather, test and select the very best questions available to help more Christians around the globe experience life-changing communications.