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The Art of Children's Conversation

Turn off the screens and enjoy communication...

The Art of Conversation® for Children is the perfect way for children to become great communicators, learn about other people, better understand themselves, all as they enjoy great times and strengthen bonds with family and friends. Everyone wins!

TAOC® helps children:
  • Make friends and be friends.
  • Speak well and with confidence.
  • Listen with interest and understanding.
  • Share ideas and feelings in a safe, non-judgemental setting that facilitates communication.
  • Learn about living and gain insights from others.
  • Put their complex and developing ideas into words.
  • Get to know families and friends, old and new.
  • Discuss effectively and respect the views of others.
  • Develop compassion for and interest in others.
  • Accept that differences need not create conflict.

Perfect for many occasions, the informative 16 page communication booklet provides guidelines and many variations on TAOC®, including a solo version. 

The 104 cards provide 200 conversation topics, carefully created and tested to promote and stimulate communication, plus 4 blank cards for children to personalise. 

TAOC® is fun for everyone and is also a highly effective therapeutic and educational resource for families, therapists, counselors, teachers, speech pathologists, language teachers, coaches, church leaders and more.

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